The DFP institute in Al-Kharj Governorate participated in community initiatives during the Corona pandemic, out of its social responsibility and its participation in the national campaign "We are All Responsible”.

The institute provided meals throughout the curfew days for the front-row champions in the security and health sectors, in cooperation with the Community Responsibility Committee, that is in appreciation of their determined efforts to confront Covid-19.
The institute made an agreement of cooperation with "King Khalid Hospital" and "Prince Sultan Center for Health Services", which included providing heat detectors to the housing centers.
The Executive Director of the Institute, "Ibrahim bin Saud Alegaily" said: The institute has taken a number of precautionary measures for its trainees and employees, by making them aware of the danger of Corona virus and encouraging them to commit to the procedures of the competent authorities in this regard.

"Alegaily" also added, that the institute participated in a number of governmental agencies in its community campaigns in Al-Kharj Governorate, and provided several services to the front-row heroes in the face of the virus, and committed to providing health detection devices for shelters and housing centers; As his role does not stop at training.

And, he said that the institute harnessed its energies and employees to serve the nation in this crisis, by launching several community initiatives aiming to participate in the campaign of "We are all responsible", and by launching educational and informative products on Covid-19, and standing side by side with security and health heroes in the field.