The Dairy and Food Polytechnic Institute DFP organized the third quarterly ceremony for distinguished employees of "trainees, trainers, and administrators" for the current year 2019-2020, within the institute's permanent incentive programs that enhance the spirit of competition to escalate the class of trainees and prepare them to be leaders of tomorrow in the food industry

A, Distinguished trainees:

Trimester 1: Mansour Hassan Otaif - Department of Animal Production

Trimester2: Ahmed Aqeel Al-Harthy - Department of Food Production Technology
Trimester 3: Shaher Al-Attiyah -  Department of Animal Production
Trimester 4: Abdullah Abdul Jalil Al-Qadib – Department of Animal Production 
trimester 5: Nawaf Nada Al-Otaibi - Department of  Maintenance of Equipmen
 Trimester 6: Turki Wasel Al-Jassem – Deparment of Animal Production.

B- Distinguished trainers and administrators:
  Amr Kotb - the best coach for the academic Section
  Dioland – Best trainer for Sections and Specializations
- Dhafer Al-Arjani - the best trainer for Maintenance and Repairing  
Abdullah Al-Tamra - Best Administrator.